Tritek Retail

Our online shops have  been designed to enable customers to access our product line in the most easy and efficient way possible.

We are one of the best ‘value for money’ Internet resellers of brand name computer technology and consumer electronics products. Our  catalog of over 10000 products online and in excess of 100000 products offline available to both Business Clients as well as Home Users instantly.

We uphold the philosophy that, our customers should have access to the very best and latest products at all times and at the cheapest cost possible irrespective of a Business Client or a Home User.

technology2Our customers are well aware of the competitive pricing  on a vast range of electronics goods starting with computer technology products such as  desktops, notebooks,  printers, software, storage etc.

Our catalog also consists of a wide range of LCD TVs, Gaming Consoles, Home Electronics and Mobile Entertainment Devices.

Our Ability to access products from some of the largest vendors of the most popular brand names enables us to offer our customers choice that is difficult to rival. With our philosophy in mind, Compare our prices with our competitors and you will see not only great value, but better choices.

We have a layout on the shop that is designed with the ease of use for our customers, so that you can find what you are looking for FAST!